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Oklahoma lawmakers prepping for Jim Inhofe’s departure to netherworld…

1:23 PM EST on February 24, 2021

With the US Senate split at a perilous 50/50 balance, Oklahoma GOP-centric lawmakers are now trying to figure out what to do if old Senator Senile Jim Inhofe suddenly departs the mortal realm – and the US Senate – for his waterfront vacation home at Grand Lake O' The Hades in the Netherworld.

Via the AP:

The Oklahoma House approved a bill on Tuesday to let the governor fill a vacancy in the U.S. Senate.

The bill, approved on a 54-42 vote, now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Under current Oklahoma law, the governor calls for a special election if there is a vacancy in the U.S. Senate, but House author Rep. Kyle Hilbert says that process takes too long.

Under his proposal, the governor would pick the U.S. senator from a list of three names submitted by the speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. The person selected would have to be from the same political party as his or her predecessor and be confirmed by the state Senate.

I don't have a big problem with this. Under current rules, the seat basically sits vacant until a new person is elected via a special election. That's not a good look. Even if the Senate seat will be occupied by someone equally as right-wing and spineless as Senator Senile or Skeletor, we only have two seats and might as well use them. We don't want to be the state that has season tickets but doesn't show up to the game!

Well, unless we can scalp the seats to a richer state.

Either way, couldn't we come up with a more entertaining way to pick a replacement? You know, something that engages the public and doesn't lead to a typical game of wheel and deal insider politics. For example, I'd suggest maybe adopting an Oklahoma version of Alone. Take 10 people, drop them off in the middle of Southeastern Oklahoma, and the person who lasts the longest on their own without being eaten by alligators, bears or cannibalistic castrators wins the seat!

Then again, the people who crave power would probably rather wait things out as opposed to being appointed. TLO fanboy Keith Gaddie provided this history lesson on Twitter:

Hmmn. Maybe the best plan is to just let Jim Inhofe continue to serve in the Senate remotely from his lake house in the Netherworld until we elect an equally bad replacement? I doubt anyone would notice a difference.

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