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Tulsa Piano Bar Owner Drops Ball On $2-Million Mask Order

8:05 AM EST on February 4, 2021

There was something very comforting about Gov Kevin Stitt getting elected. Finally, FINALLY, we will have somebody in charge who wants to run the state like a business. It was a new and exciting pitch, one we've never seen any elected official attempt ever ever before. We got to boot out that socialist Mary Fallin and install a man with absolutely zero experience in public life and who never voted, and replaced her with a true businessman with the acumen and negotiating powers to make Oklahoma a Top Ten State.

So far, he's been crushing it. From The Oklahoman:

In March, at the start of the pandemic, Oklahoma health officials turned four times to a Tulsa piano bar owner who was promising he could get N95 masks from China in large amounts and quickly.

They ordered more than 2 million of the highly sought after masks from his brand new company, PPE Supplies LLC. On the second order, they even paid him half upfront — $2.125 million — after he promised delivery in 10 days.

Now, the owner, Casey Bradford, is accused of being a liar.

That's funny. I bet the name of his piano bar is called Shady Keys! Wait. It actually is.

I've only been to a few piano bars and they are not places I would consider safe harbor from disease. It's pretty absurd to trust the public health of an entire state with some guy whose livelihood is making sure party moms and sad old rich dads get to drink martini's while listening to a guy play Billy Joel songs.

The Oklahoma Health Department on Tuesday sued Bradford and PPE Supplies LLC in Oklahoma County District Court.

In the end, health officials got fewer than 10,000 masks from PPE Supplies and only $300,000 of the deposit back, according to the breach of contract lawsuit.

The Health Department is seeking the rest of its money back — $1.825 million, plus interest. It also is seeking punitive damages for "misconduct."

This is entirely speculation, but there exists no doubt in my mind that the Piano Man is some dude that Stitt plays golf with at his country club. On the 7th hole, Bradford, working on his grip, slowly aligning his golf club, turned to the governor and said, 'Ya know, if you need some masks, I bet I know a guy.' And the contract was signed that afternoon over a few club specials.

This is just another fuck-up in the litany of fuck-ups of Stitt's handling of the pandemic, including his attempted return of the $2 million worth of hydroxychloroquine he purchased for the state. This ain't like buying the wrong size of pleated slacks from Men's Warehouse, my man.

On the bright side, if we survive to see it happen, we'll have plenty more Goofus blunders to write about him for the next couple of years.

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