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Report: Edmond Girl Needs New Fake ID

Blakelee Sands

We have some sad news to report.

Earlier this week, Blakelee Sands – an 18-year-old Edmond girl who just wants to have fun – had her fake ID stolen by the fun haters at the Wolf Trap in Edmond.

Blakelee – who I'm going to assume was an honors student in high school – then did what any drunk, responsible person would do when somebody steals your fake ID. She called the police.

Sadly, that didn't work out very well.


An 18-year-old Edmond woman was arrested Tuesday night after calling police in an attempt to get her fake ID back from a bar.

Edmond police responded to a bar in the 1100 block of South Broadway after Blakelee Sands told them that the bar took her ID, and she wanted it back.

When officers arrived at the bar, they retrieved a Texas ID with the name "McKamie Queen." Sands told officers she was McKamie Queen, and the bar didn't believe her.

McKamie Queen? Yeah, that was probably a bad call. I would have gone with something a bit more believable like "McKamie McLovin."

Then again, and as I've shared in the past, my first fake ID said I was a 5' 3", 29-year-old female named Jamai Buchanan, so who am I to judge! It worked at every STAX STAX STAX in the metro, but I was rarely brave enough to use it in bars. Well, until I made a new one that was a bit more accurate.

Here's more from Blakelee's bad day:

Officers ran the Texas ID license number and it came back eligible out of Texas to a Robert Sanchez.

Sands told officers that she did not think she would get caught.

Sands was then arrested for presenting false ID with purpose of misleading officers and taken to Edmond City Jail.

You know how Channel 4 or whatever will do some story on a down-on-their-luck viewer that was ripped off by a contractor, shady car dealer or online scam, and then some good samaritan or local business will show up a few days later to help out the person and eagerly accept the free media attention?

I think it's time the Ogle Mole Network steps up and does the same thing for Blakelee.

If anyone out there is pals with a shady tag agent, back-alley counterfeiter, or simply knows how to access a dark web marketplace, reach out to us and let's pay things 4-ward. Being an 18-year-old in Oklahoma is boring enough on its own, but being an 18-year-old in Oklahoma without a fake ID is as unbearable as being at the Wolf Trap while sober.

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