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OKC Firefighter disciplined for helping 2-year-old burn victim…

We'd like to give a big kudos to longtime Oklahoma City Fireman Corey Britt!

On Christmas Eve, the former Oklahoma City Fireman of the Year responded to a call of a 2-year-old who received second-degree burns all over her body.

After waiting and waiting and waiting for an ambulance to arrive on the scene, he decided enough was enough and transported the girl to the hospital on his own so she could be treated. He was rewarded for this act of servitude by being promptly disciplined by the city...


A disciplinary hearing was held Friday afternoon for an Oklahoma City Fire Department Major who rushed a young burn victim to the hospital in his fire engine after waiting 20 minutes for an ambulance.

Firefighters with knowledge about the disciplinary action tell KFOR that Maj. Corey Britt has been relieved of his role as a Senior Company Officer at Station 34.

Britt was forced to sneak out the back of Station One Friday afternoon following his disciplinary hearing at headquarters.

“We don’t transport patients,” said Fire Chief Richard Kelley with Oklahoma City Fire Department. “That’s not our job.”

Kelley says this policy is also a state statute.

Hey Oklahoma Lawmakers Who Write Scores Of Outrageous, Attention-Getting, Unproductive Laws Each Legislative Session, can you introduce a bill that gives firemen the power to make judgment calls on when its okay to rush someone to the ER – you know, like when an ambulance is running 20 minutes late – and not have to worry about being disciplined by bureaucratic rule followers? Yes, it would be sane and practical legislation that I'm sure everyone would get behind, but it's worth a thought.

Anyway, you can read and watch the rest of the story over at KFOR. Fortunately, it appears the two-year-old burn victim is okay and doing well.

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