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Lawsuit: Valley Brook PD strips people out of money

The strippers in Valley Brook aren't the only ones trying to hustle the town's visitors.

According to local media reports, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law got some glitter in their eye and has sued the town for operating what they call a "modern-day debtor's prison."

Here are details via News 9:

The one-mile city of Valley Brook, mostly know for strip clubs, is now getting another reputation.

“We see the police department stopping people for minor traffic offenses,” said Tianna Mays, lawsuit attorney. “And then using that as an opportunity to search these people’s car without any type of warrant.”

Uhm, "Now" getting another reputation? That would be like saying Kevin Stitt has now grown eyebrows. Outside of strip clubs and bacterial infections, corrupt police preying on drunk horny men who may be hitmen is what the town's know for.

Mays is part of a national group of attorneys investigating debtors' prisons in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Mays said Valley Brooks’ budget was mostly generated through traffic ticket fines and fees for minor offenses. The lawsuit alleged that Valley Brook police and city officials threatened motorists to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in fines or they would go to the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

“As a result,” said Mays. “You have people being incarcerated merely because they cannot afford to pay and that is the definition of debtors’ prison.”

In all fairness to the City of Valley Brook, I'd eagerly volunteer to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to get out of debtors' prison than go to the Oklahoma County Jail, which is basically the strip club equivalent to the revolving door of places on 1oth and MacArthur. Sure, it may be illegal, but you can't blame the town for jumping on the opportunity.

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