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Kevin Stitt rescinds appointment of anti-masker Essential Oils dealer to State School Board…

It's time to update Kevin Stitt's long and growing list of gubernatorial blunders!

On Friday afternoon, we broke the news that Kevin Stitt had appointed Melissa Crabtree – a Hallmarky gold level Essential Oils dealer from Enid who's leading the town's anti-mask fight – to the Oklahoma State School Board. The move, coupled with the sudden dismissal of Boardmember Kurt Bollenbach, shocked and stunned those within the Oklahoma public education system, with many of them first learning about it via this website.

Just 72 hours after all of that went down, and while facing a barrage of criticism from all sides of the political aisle, Kevin Stitt announced yesterday that he's now rescinded Melissa's appointment at her request, diffusing the entire situation like an Essential Oil evaporating into the air.

Here's his statement about the ordeal:

I spoke with Melissa Crabtree today and she requested that I rescind her appointment to the Oklahoma State Board of Education.

I was extremely disappointed to see how many were so quick to judge her without taking the time to personally speak to her.

Hey, I may not have personally spoken to Melissa, but at least I spent 30 minutes going through all the whacko right-wing propaganda and disinformation stuff she shared on Facebook, which is about 30-minutes more than Kevin Stitt's people did.

Seriously, do they not creep on people's social media pages before doing this stuff? I may not be a successful businessman who's banned from doing business in Georgia, but I've found you learn way more about a person by night-stalking social media profiles than you do "personally speaking" to them while they kiss you ass during a job interview.

Here's more:

Ms. Crabtree is a loving mother and wife, and her public school teaching experience and work with special needs children would have been valuable assets to our state.

However, it’s become clear that Democrats and unions only value the voices of teachers when they are willing to fall in line with their political agendas.

That being said, I respect her decision and will rescind her nomination. We will reopen the search process and identify a new appointee as soon as possible.

He's blaming Democrats and unions for his stupid appointment not working out? I know he has to blame some boogie man to save a little face, but I'd probably point the finger at the novice political rube who nominated an unqualified anti-masker "Alternative Facts" type to serve on the State School Board without running it by anybody in their party.

Here's what Crabtree had to say about the whole ordeal.

“I am grateful to Governor Stitt for nominating me to serve on the Oklahoma State Board of Education and it is a tremendous honor to be considered. However, after careful consideration, I have determined that this is not the right opportunity for me to serve my state.” – Melissa Crabtree

Although she was likely asked to step down, that's a smart move by Melisa. When she first received the appointment, she was probably unaware that she was nothing but a political pawn in Kevin Stitt's war against public education. Stepping down now will avoid controversy, and give her more time to focus on fighting mask mandates, spreading false information on social media, and sharing homeschool tips with other people who want to destroy public education. Plus, she'll be able to sell more Essential Oil. I've heard December is a busy time of the year.

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