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coronavirus in oklahoma

Kevin Stitt once again fails at “Personal Responsibility”

11:59 AM EST on December 7, 2020

With Oklahoma COVID-19 cases on average rising by the thousands daily over the last month or so, our esteemed Governor Kevin Stitt dubbed last Thursday the “Oklahoma Day of Prayer and Fasting” to call on the collective effort of Oklahomans to combat the virus. But unless you were praying for the governor to get the hell out of the state, I’m not sure of the effectiveness of the initiative. I guess Stitt was hoping we’d all close our eyes and bow our heads as to not see what kinds of shenanigans he was up to.

The only half-way rational explanation I could think of for someone improperly wearing their mask on a flight would be if they were poking honey-roasted airplane peanuts in their piehole. But being that the mask is under Stitt's nose and he was apparently taking this flight on his own day of “fasting," it seems like the fully rational explanation for this situation is that Stitt is incompetent in more areas than just his governorship.

Journalists like Chris Polansky with KWGS News in Tulsa, have apparently been reaching out to the governor’s office since last Thursday, but it seems like no one has been able to confirm where Stitt was going and why. But I wouldn’t be too worried about his whereabouts, my friends. Based on his response to COVID-19 so far, the question of if Stitt’s presence (or lack thereof) in the state would even make a difference in Oklahoma’s fight against the virus is up in the air.


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