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Oklahoma voters tricked into texting a male escort service…

11:22 AM EDT on October 22, 2020

Watch out, my fellow Oklahomans! Last week, voters across the state received a mysterious message from an organization insinuating to be affiliated with the Oklahoma State Election Board. The text claimed that the recipient’s polling place had changed. But as it turns out, when the messenger wanted to make sure voters were sliding it in the right slot, they weren’t necessarily talking about ballots.


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Officials are warning Oklahoma voters about a strange text message that might confuse voters before the presidential election.

Oklahoma State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax is warning voters about a text message that was received by a voter last Friday.

The text message falsely advised the voter that her polling place had changed, then asked the voter to reply to the text to confirm her name. It then provided a phone number to call to be removed from the notification list. The phone number provided in the text message is reportedly for a male escort service.

Oklahoma voters are angry and fed up with these tricks. But I, for one, don’t see what all of the hoopla is about. I mean come on, who better to work the poll than an escort? If corporations are people too, what’s wrong with an escort service taking part in a little erection-eering, anyway?

“Disinformation about the voting process is a real threat. Voters should be very cautious about phone calls, emails, social media posts and text messages containing false information about elections – and report suspicious communications to election officials immediately,” Ziriax said.

Polling place changes are rare in Oklahoma, and when they occur, affected voters are notified by the County Election Board through the U.S. Mail.

“Election officials will never contact you by text message to tell you your polling place has changed,” Ziriax said.

The complaint has been referred to law enforcement.

Well, I guess I could see how misinformation could potentially strip voters’ trust in the election process. It’s a shame that the non-sexy cops had to get involved, but understandable. After all, nobody really wants a dick in a (ballot) box.


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