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Parent in bear costume wants Tulsa schools to reopen…

Last night, I stumbled across this story on KTUL Channel 8 about some stupid parent protest demanding that Tulsa schools fully re-open during a pandemic that, at last check, is still thriving and doing well in Oklahoma.

Towards the end, they interviewed this man:

Geeze, and you thought it was embarrassing when your parents picked you up from school in a mini-van! Imagine how awful it would be to have dad dust off his Furry costume to go protest for your school to re-open?

Obviously, the question here is why is this man dressed in a giant furry costume. Is he taking mask-wearing to an extreme to make a point? Does he want to make sure his kids have no friends or social life when schools open back up? Maybe he's not allowed to be within 1,000 feet of a church or school thanks to incidents at Lake Roman Nose, and this is his cover?

Here's what Jason Lautenschleger told the news:

"We want results now," said Jason Lautenschleger, dressed up as a bear. He's got three cubs and is fed up with hibernating at home.

"I hope that they decide to bring us back to school and recognize that the solution that they’ve come up with is by far worse than the problem that they’re trying to fix," he said.

In all fairness, the dude is standing outside his kid's school dressed as a bear, so maybe he has a point about the solution being worse than the problem.

Anyway, after we had Oklahoma State School Superintendent Joy Hofmeister on The Lost Ogle Show back in August, I figured out there really isn't a correct or perfect way to reopen schools during a global pandemic that's killed hundreds of thousands and sickened millions more, especially in a poor state that's... A) technologically behind the times and B) populated by hundreds of thousands of right-wing idiocrats and who live in a false reality where facts, information and scientific consensus only count if they align nicely with their warped opinions and political ideology. You know, people like Jason.

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