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Dusty Dvoracek is sweaty…

On Saturday night, after I watched OU lay yet another second-half egg against Iowa State, I stumbled across this perspiring Twitter exchange between Dusty Dvorcek – the former Sooner D-lineman turned college football TV analyst – and Barstool Sports.

That's pretty funny. As a chubby funster who also deals with sweat issues, I can relate with Dusty on that one. I'd recommend he try Dude Powder, and while he's at it, maybe wear a darker, slightly-less form-fitting suit jacket. That should help.

For a former athlete, Dusty is surprisingly sensitive and thin-skinned (which may explain the sweat) when it comes to taking a joke, or dealing with online trolling, so I thought it was kind of neat and refreshing to see him try to roll with the punches for once.

As a result, I then jumped in to share my own stupid half-baked, off-the-cuff retort.

Yep, Dusty Dvorasweat. It's not Hipster Boo Boo by any means, but it's actually a pretty decent nickname based on the video we watched. I'd bet Dusty's dry cleaner would agree!

Dusty responded to my tweet with this:

That's sweet! It's nice to see Dusty has grown, stopped taking himself so seriously, and learned how to roll with the online punches. It's an important trait to have in the cruel, diabolical world of college football Twitter. Otherwise, it will make you go nuts and want to throw people through windows!

I "liked" Dusty's tweet and went back to heavy drinking. Then, 10 minutes later, he responded again:

First of all, to answer Dusty's question, I was able to sneak my way into two episodes of the second season of Sweet Home Oklahoma. Unfortunately, I wasn't showing visible sweat in either clip because I was wearing a dark t-shirt and deodorant.

Second, that's awesome! I got Jim Trabered by Dusty Dvoracek on the Internet! That's so cool! I can't wait for him to send me a tweet telling me to go his next radio remote at Johnsons of Kingfisher and say "Dusty Dvorasweat" to his face. I could use some Eischen's!

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