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We talked to State Epidemiologist Jared Taylor on The Lost Ogle Show!

We were excited, nervous and honored to have Dr. Jared Taylor, DVM, MPH, PhD, DACVIM (LA), DACVPM – the interim epidemiologist for the State of Oklahoma – as a guest on a recent episode of The Lost Ogle Show podcast presented by Fire Leaf!

We talked with Dr. Taylor – the third epidemiologist to lead our state since the Pandemic started – all about epidemiology and what an epidemiologist actually does. We then talked about the Coronavirus and pandemic in general, online misinformation, herd immunity, transparency, and why he wasn't at that important Dr. Brix meeting.

It was a good conversation and – I think – a good podcast. Give it a listen!

We'd like to thank Dr. Taylor for coming on the show, we'd like to thank Fireleaf for sponsoring it, and we'd like to Randy "Mile High" Mitchell for producing it!

You can download, subscribe and listen to The Lost Ogle Show wherever fine podcasts are bought, sold and traded. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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