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Update: Here’s another video of Sassan Moghadam accosting Norman teens with brick…

Earlier today, we told you about "Unite Norman" co-founder Sassan Moghadam helping bring his city together by accosting teenagers with bricks for driving through a parking lot.

About 20 minutes after I hit publish, a bunch of Ogle Moles sent me this other video that a different teenage passenger in the vehicle filmed. It provides a clearer view of the Moghadam, brick in hand, confronting the teens and informing them he's making a "citizen's arrest."

Check it out:

For what it's worth, Moghadam is a "well-established" developer and contractor in the Norman-area, which gives credence to the theory the Unite Norman also serves as a front for greedy land developers who are still mad that the Norman City Council voted against continuing lucrative, developer-friendly TIF subsidies. You can read about that controversy here.

Not surprisingly, Moghadam is also an avid big game hunter. Here's a photo of him posing with an Ibex that he killed:

Hard to believe, huh? The loser that accosts teens with bricks also shoots animals for fun!

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