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Jim Inhofe is still an idiot (#49,718)

It's time for another installment in our long-running series "Jim Inhofe Is Still An Idiot!"

In case you missed it, Senator Senile stayed on-brand this week when he – like thousands of other people experiencing a steep mental decline – had a cell phone conversation while on speakerphone at a busy restaurant. The only difference is that, as opposed to talking to his grandkids, Inhofe's conversation took place with President of the United States, and was recorded by other restaurant patrons with their phones.

Holy shit. I guess we know what Beavis and Butthead will sound like when they're at the nursing home watching the news in another 40 years.

Seriously, though, what an idiot! Say what you want about Trump, but if you get a call from the President while you're out to eat, you chug the last of your wine, put down your fork, and take the phone call outside. Or, just send the call to voicemail. That's what I would have done!

Anyway, the New York Times has more details about the conversation. The two old men were apparently discussing another alligator that Trump wants to throw into the swamp, and how they can keep Robert E. Lee's name on a US military base, despite the fact that Robert E. Lee was a traitor who led a bloody military campaign against the US military.

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