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The OKC Right-Wing Counter-Protestor Red, White and Blues

I attended the protest against the demonic Land Run Monument in Bricktown this past Saturday. Silently walking onto the city property, I was immediately greeted by a semi-circle of thick men with big guns and bigger beards, all there for…America?

Sure, these locked and loaded Trump-worshippers startled me at first, but that abject fear was soon replaced by mocking laughter, as they began a rather contentious argument with each other regarding who posted about this patriotic gathering on Facebook, like a group of schoolgirls fighting over the insides of a MASH book.

As that argument loudly continued for all to see the internal cracks of those people, I skulked around the right-wing counter-protestors and their tent-less encampment. The smell of sweaty biker leathers was strong, as the Bikers for Trump grumbled their way out of the pounding sun, their unimpressed old ladies in tow.

Making nice with a few Oklahoma City police officers, the AR-15s and other sinful weapons were dangling off the soaked backs of many a chubby fella; camouflage shorts—not Army issue, mind you—stretched as far as the gut could see, bottles of tobacco spit were usually carried in the hand that wasn’t made into a rather weak fist.

Many of the mask-less counter-protestors were very proud of the cheap novelty t-shirts, having waited for a perfect rally to squeeze into them and show them off; from catchy phrases like “I’m Offended That You’re Offended!” to the timely “Coronavirus Free Hugs!” the latest fashionable threads from the Infowars merchandise store was in full effect.

And while there weren’t any notable acts of unbridled white rage, there were a few isolated titterings of supposed adults that craved attention, from a man in black walking through the crowd with an American flag stapled to a thick two by four to an incel-esque male yelling something perversely racist when Black Lives Matter’s Sheri Dickerson was on the microphone; she refused to back down, by the way.

The men and women in Make America Great Again shirts tried desperately to make America more irritatingly white as they Devil’s advocated for the wrong side of history; they needlessly got into small side-arguments with pro-Indigenous youth that hasn’t learned yet their energy is better spent on something else, somewhere else.

Nice try, but you’re not going to change their minds.

As for my mind, after standing in the godless sun for six or seven hours, I started to trudge out of the memorial area and down to the Bass Pro parking lot. That’s what this pleasantly plump gent in full Proud Boys regalia shouted “I’ve got a blog post for ya!” and made the white power hand-signage; his statuesque breasts bounced with each triumphant guffaw.

I've got those OKC right-wing counter-protestor red, white and blues again, mama.


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