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Brave Patriot Defiles Salon Signage Over Face Mask Policy

The alt-right Karen pictured above is Carmie Holloway. Earlier this week, she bravely stood up for her rights and freedoms, and ripped down a flyer that outlined a metro salon's totally authoritarian social distancing policies.

Here are the details via KFOR:

A metro woman claims that making hair stylists wear a mask while working is unconstitutional, but a salon caught in the middle of all of it says they don’t need any help.

A social media video surfaced when Carmie Holloway recorded herself leaving Salons by JC on Tuesday afternoon, ripping a COVID-19 sign straight off the front door.

“It says all who enter the salon must wear a mask,” Carmie Holloway said in her Facebook video. “I am not wearing a mask!”

“That is state sponsored propaganda,” Carmie Holloway said. “This is an abuse of power. Well, I know it is.”

Yep, instead of just going to a different salon that cares less about the health and safety of its customers and employees, Carmie stood up to the evil authoritarian business by removing their sign. That's awesome! We need more heroes like Carmie out there protecting privately held businesses from abusing their own free will. That will show the sheeple!

Here's the FB video that Carmie shared from the incident.

I don't know about you, but that totally changes my mind. Before watching the video, I was convinced that social distancing guidelines and wearing face masks, could help slow the spread of Coronavirus. I had no clue it was all just propaganda issued by Mayor McSelfie as part of his scheme to control society. Props to Carmie for laying it all out there and explaining it so convincingly.

Carmie then left a vlog where she "doubled down" on her actions, and threatened to go to the salon again.

Wow. I haven't heard a speech that inspiring since I last watched Braveheart. Trump should hire Carmie as a speechwriter, or at least a subject to showcase how well is propaganda is working.

After learning that her original video tirade was sent to KFOR, Carmie left another video:

Yep, Be free, Fight back against the fear of tyranny, says the lady who wants to impose her will on other businesses. Good to know.

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