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Funny Norman Cop Emails Hysterical KKK Meme to Coworkers

12:33 PM EDT on May 19, 2020

In today's edition of our long-running series, "WTF w/ Oklahoma Cops," we take a look at Jacob McDonough with the Norman Police Department.

Earlier this month, after receiving a mass email on new facemask protocol for the Norman PD, Jacob thought it would be funny to forward some of his cop buddies a random, out-of-context meme from Django Unchained.


Haha. Get it? Facemasks, just like early KKK hoods, can fit kind of funny! That's hysterical! Send this guy to Gary's Chicarro or the Six Shooter Saloon for open mic night. He'll bring the house down!

After he sent the email, McDonough was quickly scolded by Norman PD Lieutenant Lee McWhorter, who – for what it's worth – totally looks like a Lt. McWhorter. Here are details via The Black Wall Street Times.

Senior officer Lieutenant Lee McWhorter responded to the email saying, “McDonough, I really hope you didn’t mean that the way it looks because that’s MORE than inappropriate. I’d say this is a fantastic time to stop this email thread and if you have an issue to contact your direct supervisor.”

McWhorter later went on to remind McDonough that all officer’s emails are public record.

After being informally reprimanded on the email thread, Officer McDonough offered an apology, but defended his reply as “satirical humor”.

Really??? McDonough is going with the "satirical humor” excuse? That's bullshit. Using satire as a cloak to spread what many would interpret as racist "humor" – and cover for your low intellect and general stupidity – is an insult to real satirists like me, who only use it as a cover to gawk at weather babes on the Internet.

That being said, I am willing to give McDonough a small pass for giving satire a bad name. If you remember, the cop from Lexington used the "hacked" excuse over the weekend, so it would have looked suspicious if McDonough did the same thing a few days later. I guess the next cop who is caught sharing something stupid or racist online will have to say they were kidnapped and forced to write it while being held at gunpoint by, obviously, a black man.

Here's the full apology from McDonough:

Geeze. Instead of spending time so much time at the gun range for target practice, maybe it's time they start teaching basic grammar at the Police Academy?

Anyway, although the meme circulated earlier this month, the Norman PD has announced they are going to investigate it, now that the media knows about it. We'll follow along and maybe let you know if there are any updates.

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