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Brave cop suggests Norman Mayor be tried – and possibly hanged– on courthouse lawn

1:10 PM EDT on May 18, 2020

As we have documented on this site a few hundred times over the years, Oklahoma cops routinely set a national example when it comes to serving with grace, character and values.

As a result, we shouldn't be surprised that Eddie Zaicek bravely stood up to tyrannical Norman Mayor Breea Clark in a rightwing "Reopen Norman" Facebook group, suggesting that the diabolical, authoritarian public servant be tried, and possibly executed, on the courthouse lawn for implementing necessary public safety guidelines during a global pandemic that has killed 288 Oklahomans – and 19 Norman residents – in just a couple of months.

Via The Oklahoman:

A Lexington police officer accused of threatening Norman Mayor Breea Clark on Facebook admitted to "writing and posting" the comment, Norman police reported Friday afternoon.

"The individual responsible for the comment admitted to writing and posting it on social media," police spokeswoman Sarah Jensen said in a news release. "Police investigators found no indication of a direct threat to public safety."

Police began investigating after Clark reported the Facebook post, which read: "Mayor (expletive), needs to be pulled out of office and tried on the court house lawn...the problem with politicians, they don’t get hung in public anymore….#bringbackpublichangings!"The comment investigated by police was attributed to Eddie Zaicek, a police officer in nearby Lexington who acknowledged being part of the "Re-Open Norman" group but initially denied posting the comment, saying his account had been hacked.

To clarify, he wrote with his own two hands (or thumbs) on the Internet that the democratically-elected Mayor of Norman be "pulled out of office and tried on the courthouse lawn," and that the problem with politicians like Clark is "they're not openly executed." Then after being asked about his sound, totally-rational views, he lied about writing it, and then made up a fabricated story about his Facebook account being hacked?

I don't know about you, but what an awesome guy!

Seriously, no wonder he chose a career in law enforcement! You're the Oklahoma Standard personified, and you make all those men in blue who have to hide their true feelings about society each day proud. I bet Eddie will be openly toasted at the next secret militia meeting for his brave act of courage!

Unfortunately, thanks to the sissy nanny state that can't find the humor in subdued death threats or good-natured calls for violent rebellion, it looks like this act of heroism may actually hurt Zaicek's career. He's deactivated his Facebook page and Twitter account, and according to The Oklahoman, his status as a Lexington police officer is up in the air.

Zaicek's work status was not immediately known. A person who answered the phone at the Lexington Police Department declined to answer questions about the officer and said to call back Monday morning to speak to the interim chief.

Reached Friday, Zaicek declined to comment when asked if he was still employed by the Lexington Police Department.

"I'm sorry, I can't divulge any information pertaining to the case, even though I have been completely exonerated," he said in a text.

Whew, it's nice to know Eddie has been "exonerated." Hopefully he doesn't lose his job. We need a man of his character out there upholding our laws and protecting us from people like himself. If things don't work out, maybe he could join the force in Achille.

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