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Move over, Judy: Oklahoma’s very own Gary Busey is now a TV “judge”

2:47 PM EDT on May 14, 2020


Every generation or so, Oklahoma produces an individual whose talent is as diverse as it is entertaining. Take Will Rogers, for example. Oklahoma’s favorite son was known for the humor and wit in his writing as much as his agile and flawless vaudeville roping routines. Our state hasn’t seen such a versatile entertainer in decades. Until now. Move over, Oklahoma’s “favorite son.” Oklahoma’s “sketchiest uncle” is back on the scene with a brand-new gig.

Via Rolling Stone…

Gary Busey will grab his robe, his gavel and very possibly his fur roller for his new role in Gary Busey: Pet Judge, a six-episode series premiering May 25th on Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

The show finds Busey settling disputes between aggrieved pet owners, with a press release promising the cases will revolve around a “veritable menagerie of animals including monkeys, goats, birds, dogs, meerkats, turtles, robot raccoons and more.” The statement continues: “Is Gary Busey a real judge? Absolutely not. Does he know anything about pet law? Probably not. Can he look into your soul and suss out your spirit animal while delivering a verdict with a trademark Buseyism? You bet your sweet ass (the donkey kind).”

That’s right! Gary Busey, whose Wikipedia page outlines a rich acting career that includes an Academy Award nomination, a stint on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and two whole seasons of kissing Trump’s ass on Celebrity Apprentice, is taking a break from reality TV antics to pursue a more important role. And as ridiculous as a TV “pet judge” handing out verdicts appears to be, you have to admit it will be the most seriously anyone’s taken Busey since the 80s.

What kind of cases does such a judge take on, anyway?

A preview clip from Pet Judge offers a glimpse of Busey tending to the scales of pet justice as he mediates a dispute centered around the unexpected — and perhaps calamitous — appearance of some unwelcome snakes at a hotel. “A sign that says, ‘No snakes allowed!’ that keeps them out,” Busey sagely says. “No dogs allowed, no locusts allowed, no munchkins allowed, nothing — whatever you don’t want in there, in your hotel, put the sign up that says what’s not allowed.”

Busey’s airtight logic and dignified persona will allow him to be the most fair, rational judge on basic cable television. And if he’s not, I don’t think there would be anything holding Gary back from challenging Judge Judy to a UFC-style fight for dominance.


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