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coronavirus in oklahoma

First Lady Sarah Stitt went to Target over the weekend…

We fed some meat to the Oklahoma Social Media Coronamania Echo Chamber over the weekend when we shared a photo of First Lady Sarah Stitt – a leader and role model for all Oklahomans – leisurely checking out from the Target on NW 50th and N. May this past Saturday afternoon.

I know it's great for web traffic, clicks and outrage, but I'm starting to miss the good old days when senators buying groceries (or flowers), governors going out to dinner, and the first lady taking the kiddo to Target was just normal everyday behavior, and not some whacko act of ignorance or defiance. Can we return to normal, please?

Naturally, a highly-visible first lady ignoring the advice of doctors and health experts and not wearing a face mask in public while a pandemic rages elicited the typical range of reactions on social media.

Here were the three most common:

1. OMG She's Not Wearing a Face Mask!!! What a terrible human! Shame! Hiss! Boo!

2. Shut up! Who cares?! I'm Not Wearing One Either! The Coronavirus is a hoax! Bill Gates Wuhan Microchip Illuminati! 

3. Why are her shoes so small?

Out of all three camps, I'd say the people in group three had the best point. Check out the photo again:

Money can buy you many things in life, but apparently not properly fitting shoes! Get that woman to Kenny's immediately.

Anyway, although I'm team face-mask-in-public, I'm going to cut First Lady Stitt some slack. Sure, it's irresponsible and selfish to not wear a face mask when you run your basic Saturday errands, but at least she didn't post a selfie about it. That's a positive. Plus, she obviously spent some time on her that morning, and a face mask would totally ruin the whole suburban mom look she had going. You need to look good, especially when you're going to look so bad.


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