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OK Governor Kevin Stitt makes time for “essential” haircut

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

The saying, which has always been considered a mantra for Oklahoma parents trying to stop their 7-year-olds from cussing or convince their adult children to refrain from “living in sin,” appears to have been recently adopted by our esteemed governor. In a moment that can either be described as a lapse in good judgement or complete disregard for his own “personal responsibility” plea, Governor Kevin Stitt showed Oklahomans what not to do during a global pandemic.


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Hair stylists and cosmetologists are speaking out after a Facebook post that claimed Governor Kevin Stitt wasn’t following his own recommendations when it comes to their profession and COVID-19.

According to a Facebook post from a hair stylist, Gov.Kevin Stitt had his hair and makeup done over the weekend.

In the post, a woman said, “Wear your masks people! Even while doing makeup and hair for the Governor of Oklahoma.”

“I find it’s a little bit hypocritical,” Dee Dean, a hair stylist with Tangles Salon, told KFOR.

Ignore for a second that KFOR is relying on Facebook post from stylists for news and info, mere days after Stitt’s office released a statement that deemed cosmetology businesses as “non-essential” and reiterated that the services can only be performed in licensed facilities, Stitt enlisted the services of a cosmetologist to make sure he looked his absolute best for a TV interview. If that cosmetologist was going to risk their wellbeing to cater to this man, they could’ve at least made their visit worthwhile and done something about Stitt’s eyebrows.

KFOR reached out the Governor's office and they issued this statement:

When KFOR contacted Stitt’s office on Monday, they sent us this statement:

“The federal government lists communications as a critical infrastructure sector and specifically mentions workers who support television and media services.

The individual you are referring to was working for the network the governor appeared on and provided the minimum amount of service required while wearing protective equipment…”

Editor’s note: KFOR has not and will not be taking advantage of this exemption. News 4 employees do their own makeup and hair before appearing on air.

Damn, even KFOR is calling Stitt out on his bullshit! .

Out of curiosity, we thought it would be fun to try to figure out which "network" interview Stitt needed the makeover for. Check out this video from Saturday...

Wowza! Did they bring in James Lankford's personal stylist from Sports Clips? To be fair, you can't expect to get a good haircut when your barber is wearing gloves, a face mask and shaking in fear because the client ignores his own pleas for safe social distancing.


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