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coronavirus in oklahoma

Resourceful Oklahoma Man Uses Cheese Balls To Survive Coronavirus Pandemic

As you probably know, healthcare organizations and governments across the globe are running out face masks as they battle to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. This is leading to resourceful people like this Oklahoma City Walmart shopper to invent facemasks of their own:

Yep, while you were out there buying toilet paper, Clorox and canned beans, this wise sage was hoarding the product that really matters – Cheese Balls.

Seriously, what a smart idea! I'd say it's the best life-hack I've seen to make it through the pandemic unscathed. Not only are Cheese Balls a highly-nutritious superfood coated in a synthetic material that can kill the Coronavirus on contact, but the canister can also be used as a primitive facemask. In addition to that, those soft yet crunchy delights can also serve as emergency toilet paper in case you run out. Just make sure to toss them in the garbage disposal as opposed to the toilet.

Anyway, now that the word is out on Cheese Balls, expect a run on them to be made at all Oklahoma grocery stores, and Governor Kevin Stitt to authorize that state prison system to make them by the hundred of thousands.

Photo courtesy of Ogle Mole Network

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