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coronavirus in oklahoma

Is that Jim Inhofe buying Corona at D.C. a supermarket?

Give Jim Inhofe credit. He's one hell of a troll.

Just a day after he, and James Lankford, were two out of eight imbeciles who voted "No" on a Senate bill that would provide economic relief to the American people reeling from the carnage of the Coronavirus pandemic, he was spotted at a DC area supermarket buying a 12-pack of Corona.

Hehe. That's funny. What a silly guy. I'm surprised he didn't go all out and buy some La Choy noodles and the Count Chocula with little bat marshmallows.

Seriously, if that really is Jim Inhofe – and after a close examination of his ear and eyeglasses we're confident it is – you have to admire how on-brand he can be with this bullshit. Just like with global warming (It's a hoax!), blue algae (I'll jump into it!) and a closed runway (I'll land on it anyway!), Jim Inhofe's not going to let an invisible virus that preys on people his age – or younger than him – get in the way of looking like an invincible tough guy. He's just going to roll up his sleeves, wear his dad jeans, and buy a 12-pack of Corona like a regular working man instead, when in fact, he's a diabolical US senator.

Update: As I was hitting the publish button on this post, this was happening. We'll talk about it tomorrow:

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