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coronavirus in oklahoma

Broken Arrow announces plans to become Coronavirus hot spot!

As I'm writing this article, word has come out that a 55-year-old Tulsa man has passed away due to the complications from the Coronavirus. He'll be one of likely thousands of Oklahomans who are killed by a virus that – despite months of warning – most of our elected officials, along with the general public, have failed to take seriously, from the President of the United States to the Governor of Oklahoma to the Broken Arrow city council.

Check out this now deleted Facebook post by an asshat named Ronda Vuillemont-Smith that went viral on social media. The nut job with a Trump acquittal avatar praised the Broken Arrow city council's massively idiotic decision to allow restaurants and other restaurants to remain open as silent killer leaves, breeds and passes amongst us:

Yep, want to go to dinner? Have a drink or two? Pass along a highly contagious, deadly virus to your grandparents??? Then Broken Arrow is open for business! Just be sure to bring your own respirator. For some reason, another one of Ronda's Coronavirus posts didn't go viral:

Seriously, the only people dumber than the Ronda Vuillemont-Smith are the city councilmembers who A) let her speak at a council meeting and B) voted to allow all restaurants and business to remain open, a decision I'm sure they'll reverse at tonight's special meeting:

One positive thing about the Coronavirus is that it's exposed which politicians and elected officials are forward thinking, practical and able to foresee and understand just how much life is going to change, and those who are clueless, in over their head, short-sighted numbskulls who are can only focus on restaurants.

Fun Fact – A few hours after Governor Dufus got his cheeseburger, all Hal Smith restaurant concepts announced they will be closing during the pandemic. They did this for visitor and employee safety, and so Kevin Stitt will focus on more important things, like getting our state Coronavirus tests and ventilators.

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