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coronavirus in oklahoma

Precious Coronavirus Tests Wasted On Oklahoma Senate

9:21 AM EDT on March 18, 2020

Outside of sanitizer solution, toilet paper and canned beans, there's not a more coveted commodity in the US than the rare, limited-edition Coronavirus tests that are being slowly rolled out.

Knowing that, it's hard not be a bit outraged that our state wasted what few tests we have on the backwards-thinking, no-use-to-society dotards in the Oklahoma Senate.

Via The Oklahoman_:

An Oklahoma state Senate staffer has tested positive for COVID-19.

An email sent Tuesday morning to senators and their staffers asked them to stay in their offices and "await a visit from a health professional."

The email, from Senate Chief Operating Officer Arnella Karges, reads: "We have been informed that someone in the Senate has tested positive for COVID-19."

Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, did not explicitly detail what measures the Senate took in response, but said the risk was low for others in the building.

"While the risk to a majority of Senate personnel and senators remains low, per the recommendation and under the guidance of health officials, we are taking appropriate measures," he said.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health confirmed the person who tested positive is a staffer, not a senator.

Approximately 30 people sought to be tested in connection with the incident, said State Epidemiologist Laurence Burnsed. The tests were done through a private lab because the Department of Health has a limited supply of tests.

That's outrageous. I would describe why this outrageous, along with jokes about why our Senators are awful, but I have a two-year old screaming and crying "Let It Go" while throwing a tippy cut at me. Taking care of that issue is way more important than making fun of the worthless losers in the Senate.

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