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OKC iHeartMedia Stations rocked by layoffs…

11:13 AM EST on January 15, 2020

Global radio conglomerate iHeartMedia – the corporate owner of KJ-103, 101.9 the Twister, 96.1 KXY, News Radio 1000 KTOK, and a few other local stations that you probably haven't listened to in a long time – conducted a nationwide rif yesterday, parting ways with radio talent from all over the country.

Oklahoma City was not immune from the layoffs, with several notable local radio personalities losing their jobs. For example, the venerable Frito from KJ-103 is now looking for a new bowl of chili to call home:

That sucks. I don't think I've consciously listened to KJ-103 since I won a Cactus Jack's Party Pack after winning the Hot 8 at Eight in 1992, but it's still sad to see nice guys like Frito go.

According to a high level Ogle Mole, 10 people in Oklahoma City were part of the layoffs. Other notable  personalities to part ways include:

• Bill Reed and Shawn Carey with KXY


• Kathi Yeager w/ Twister

According to another Mole, Kathi's husband – Tom Travis, Senior Vice President of Programming – got cut, as did other behind the scenes guys like Mike Gannon, Tom Miller and Steven Rosen. The Mole added that KXY is going full automation.

Anyway, I'm going to close this post with the same anecdotal message that I always use when I cover layoffs – I lost my job in a rif in 2011. It really sucked, but it also opened the door for me to try to turn this stupid little website into a fledgling small business that, at times, feels about as secure and wise as working for a radio station. We wish all the people affected by the layoffs the best of luck.

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