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2019 Rewind: October

9:35 AM EST on December 31, 2019

Welcome back to our retrospective of another year in Oklahoma, as told through the lens of your favorite local obscure social blog, The Lost Ogle! Before we jump into the futuristic and dystopian year that 2020 will most assuredly turn out to be, let’s take a deep breathe and remember our funniest, wildest, and most popular stories of this year. The news cycle is moving so fast that it’s impossible to remember what happened last week, let alone last month.

Let’s get to it!

Steve Shaw is alive and well…

Published: October 22, 2019

What We Said: Sure, he could have been unceremoniously let go, living off cheap beer and bologna sandwiches, while applying for jobs that he’s not qualified for just to so he can continue to collect unemployment, but that didn’t feel right. This is THE Steve Shaw. The man’s a St. Louis honey badger! He could have just as easily gone deep undercover, investigating the secret underground world of massage parlors, CBD shops, and the women who love them, and his absence from the air – and News 9 website – could have been part of the ruse.

What We Learned: I don't think we ever quite figured out what he's really doing these days, but it's comforting to know that Steve seems to be doing well. Congrats on the marriage!


Janet Barresi registers potential Mick Cornett for Congress web domains…

Published: October 9, 2019

What We Said: That’s pretty funny. One of the first things they teach you in Web 101 is always pay the $10 fee to make your registrant information private. This will keep hackers, creepers and the thousands of third graders you wanted to flunk during your reign as a diabolical State School Superintendent from knowing your private contact information.

What We Learned: If you're gonna do some sneaky internet shit, cover your tracks, boomer.


Is it time to re-think the Sooner Schooner?

Published: October 21, 2019

What We Said: If Cee Dee Lamb can’t keep his footing on Owen Field on a slippery Saturday morning, how can we expect a couple of ponies pulling a covered wagon to make a tight turn while being chased and tormented by young buckaroos swinging paddles?

What We Learned: If a really wealthy university can't design a wagon in 2019 that won't tip over after just a few moments of use, makes you wonder how it was back in the olden days. If there was film footage of the land run, we'd be speeding it up and dubbing 'Yakity Sax' over it and roasting all those cowboys.


This photo from OKC is making the rounds on Reddit…

Published: October 8, 2019

What We Said: Even if it’s fake, that’s one of the greatest photos I’ve ever seen. It looks like a Toby Keith song come to life. If you scratch it, I bet you can smell corn dogs and Alpo. Whoever took or photoshopped the image should win a Pulitzer.

What We Learned: Of course, we can only hit the front page of Reddit for embarrassing shit like this. At least they're secured in with what we call a Muskogee Seatbelt.


KFOR files Emmy-caliber report on Oklahoma love triangle gone wrong…

Published: October 17, 2019

What We Said: As one who often finds myself fleeing the women I have open relationships with because they want me to do chores, I sympathize with Tim on this one. Nothing’s worse than a woman who’s scorned because you won’t fold the towels after you left your wife to be with her. Let’s hope Tim heals up, moves on, and hopefully puts some Neosporin on those scabs.

What We Learned: It's impressive that this guy has enough game

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