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Kevin Stitt encourages Oklahomans to bask in glory of his popularity…

It looks like the only thing thicker than Kevin Stitt's eyebrows is his ego.

Over the weekend, our Governor celebrated yet another accomplishment in his quest to arbitrarily make Oklahoma a Top 10 State.

Yep, move over obesity, teen pregnancy and female incarceration. We're now a Top 10 State in... gubernatorial popularity.

Check it out:

Wow. I feel so blessed and fortunate to know that Governor Stitt is choosing to share with us this glorious honor. May we all bask in the limelight of his popularity! When the economy picks back up, we'll definitely have to throw a parade in His Holy Eyebrows’ honor!

In other news, I'm not 100 percent sure that's how this whole "Make Oklahoma a Top 10 State" thing is supposed to work. It's nice and everything that Stitt's enjoying his honeymoon period, but what does being a popular, newly-elected governor have to do with Oklahoma being a Top 10 State? That just means Stitt has had less time to screw up and lose the public's trust like the governors in other states. Wake me up if he's in the Top 10 in a couple of years.

That being said, I'm kind of glad Stitt flexed some ego. Egotistical businessmen-turned-politicians bragging about their popularity on social media is all the rage right now. Their narcissism provides great content! Maybe next week he can call out the fake news media and insult Kendra Horn?



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