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KOCO’s Alex Housden apologizes for saying co-anchor Jason Hackett looks like baby gorilla…

Earlier this morning, we received several dispatches from Ogle Moles asking why KOCO morning news anchor Alex Housden was seen giving a tearful apology to her co-anchor Jason Hackett and KOCO viewers on this morning's newscast.

Here's a sampling:

I didn't get to see Alex's apology, but I'm pretty sure I know what it was all about. Check out the following video we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network. When you do, try to ignore the toes.

Yeah, I can say that's probably a good reason to apologize, especially if you want to have a career in TV news. Then again, knowing what we know about some Oklahomans, I bet a lot of people thought it was funny.

Considering Alex was even allowed to go on air and give that apology, I'm going to assume Jason Hackett was understanding and accepted it, and probably realized Alex likely didn't mean anything racist or derogatory with her words, was perhaps unaware of the racist connotation of comparing blacks to apes, and that the whole thing was probably just an unfortunate, innocuous and very ditzy off-the-cuff comment.

Well, at least that's what I hope!

That being said, I'm going to regurgitate what I wrote back when the Lawton weatherperson got fired for her poorly chosen Mind Mixer – We live in an ultra-politically correct age, and you can’t be that tone-deaf and oblivious to the world and still expect to work in mainstream broadcast news. That whole field is developing a zero tolerance policy to anything that might even slightly resemble racism, regardless of context or intent. Alex should feel lucky that she still has a job, and should probably stick with just reading the teleprompter.

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