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TLO Restaurant Review: Seafood Party

We’re gonna have a Seafood Party tonight…alright! We’re gonna have a seafood boil alright…tonight!

With the most hardcore of apologies to Mr. Ginn, if one were to whole-heartedly stage a classic seafood party, you’d probably need to look no further than the nautical soiree’s namesake, Seafood Party, at 3417 N. Classen Blvd., for all of your festive needs...

Built with a naval theme on the old remnants of the short-lived Party Base Korean BBQ—loved their chicken feet—this watery incarnation offers a tempting mix of (mostly) Poseidon-based treats, from appetizers like hush puppies, fried calamari and sweet potatoes to fried baskets featuring butterfly shrimp, tilapia and that ever-lovin’ Okie aphrodisiac, fried oysters, probably not on the half-shell.

Now that’s all well and good, but for a real seafood party—I’m talking a medium trash-bag full of boiled shrimp, crab-legs, sausage and various bits of other assorted goods delivered right to your table—Seafood Party’s eponymous Seafood Party Boiling Platter ($24.99) is a waterlogged must-have, the ultimate multiple-person fiesta de mariscos, be it shared between two (or three) lovers on a romantic night out or an ill-advised one-man lunch on a scorching Oklahoma summer’s day in.

Guess which one I chose.

Served with my requested flavoring—a mild Cajun spice, thank you—my introductory bite was deep into a sausage medallion that was, undoubtedly, not from the sea, but still paired rather nicely with the hot potatoes and a steamy corn on the cob. The leggy shrimp, on the other hand fin, had bits of seasoning buried deep into and under the shell and veins, a dull heat judgmentally coating everything with a gritty Louisiana flavor.

Putting them off for finality’s sake, included in the bag were crab legs and, look, if I’m being honest, I’ve never really have had crab legs before; luckily my friend showed me how to properly dismantle and dissect the intimidating crustacean, snapping the leg and earning a momentary piece of meat, uselessly exerting myself for such a barren prize.

Thank the Lord there were no lobsters.

Swimming about in the bottom of the bag, however, was a lone hardboiled egg that I very nearly threw away. Why these poultry-based orbs are always in seafood boils I’ll never truly know, but it was damn good to have it there as a sulfurous dessert of sorts, the perfect intestinal treat to the rousing Cajun mix that, even today, I still catch a whiff of on my upper-lipped facial-hair anytime a breeze hits my mouth-mane just right.

So if you got nothing better to do, than to sit around and gnaw on some boiled seafood, don’t talk about anywhere else, because I don’t wanna go—I’m dedicated to this tasty cove; it's a Seafood Party, tonight. Cómpralo ya!


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