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What a Surprise! Kings of Leon to Play Scissortail Park Grand Opening!

More news about Kings of Leon? They haven’t been given this much media attention since 2009!

None other than Gov. Stitt himself announced yesterday that an award-winning band would be performing at the grand opening of our newest park. Look at how proud he is:

Hold that drum high, governor! You're doing great!

Frankly, I assumed they were going to haul Toby Keith’s ass out for a rousing rendition of “I love this park.” What a surprise that, instead, we are being given the band that was named after a street in downtown OKC. Renderings of the concert makes it look like it's going to be a fun time:

Scissortail Park actually looks like it’s going to be a neat facility, from what I’ve seen. A 70-acre park in the heart of downtown sounds like a great place for young professionals to roam on Limes, looking for a mate. I can practically see it already.


The park will be opening September 27 at 5 p.m., following the concert 

Reception of the announcement of the headliner was mixed, with Facebook Live holding some “great” takes.



My personal favorite, however, was an unnecessary low-blow from out of left field.


As someone who once spent actual money to see Nickelback, I’m both offended and aware of the shame I should feel.

This concert should be pretty fun, in all honesty. We could’ve ended up with so much worse of a concert headliner, but thankfully Garth is busy that weekend.

I’ll see y’all there this September.


Uncle Lenny is new.

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