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Emily Sutton Confronts Derplahoman On Facebook. Earns Free Mexican Food For Life.

On Monday afternoon, while severe weather anxiety gripped the entire metro, Emily Sutton brought a couple of bilingual employees into the KFOR weather lair to hype up that deadly, didn't-really-materialize PDS weather forecast for the Spanish-speaking viewing audience.

Check it out:

That's a cool thing to do. Hispanics make up approximately 20% of OKC's population, and a good percentage of them speak little, if any, English, so providing them with a forecast in their native language is an excellent way to make sure they are properly alarmed and terrified like the rest of us.

Sadly, not everyone was a fan of Emily's good deed. After her forecast, some old geezer left a Facebook comment to whine and complain about "Mexican language" being spoken on Facebook live. It received instant backlash and appears to have been deleted, but only after being shared all over social media.

Check this out:

Wow. Written like a true Derplahoman! If this guy hasn't already, he should run for public office in southeastern Oklahoma. They love people who speak America English!

Sadly, we're way too familiar with the Richard's of the world here at The Lost Ogle.

In 2013, nine Spanish-speaking Guatemalan immigrants tragically lost their lives during the infamous "Blame Mike Morgan for Everything" May 31st tornado outbreak. When the local media examined what needs to be done to better inform, prepare and warn Spanish-speaking human beings about our state’s deadly tornado outbreaks, a loud and proud band of racists and bigots of all ages and backgrounds climbed out of the spittoon to gripe and complain on Facebook. We compiled the worst of those comments and wrote an article about it, which you can read here.

But before you do that, check out Emily's mic drop on Richard:

Don't be a Richard? Get it? That's pretty fucking awesome. Our Severe Weather Princess isn't all cotton candy clouds and sugar plumb raindrops, is she? She has lightning bolts hiding in that smile and knows how to use them.

Richard's comment and Emily's response quickly went viral in the OKC Metro Echo Chamber. It seemed like every comment and share either called out Richard for being a racist or praised Emily for being a hero and standing up to racist. She's even been promised FREE MEXICAN FOOD AND DRINKS for life!

Geeze, I wish someone would leave a racist comment on our Facebook page! We'd respond faster than the new guy at the restaurant who brings out the chips, salsa and queso-like substance! Will someone just make sure that the people who own Abel's see our response?

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, Richard apparently deleted his message. If you can find it, let me know. In the meantime, you can check out his public Facebook account for some hilarious right wing Trump memes, as well as a lot of comments from people suggesting #dontbearichard.

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