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Del City Teacher Shows Epic Takedown Skills in Student Prank Gone Awry

A Del City High School student found out the hard way that teachers watch WorldStarHipHop, too.

What started as a silly senior prank involving silly string and a mask went a little sideways earlier this week.

From a Steve Shaw report on News 9:

A Del City High School teacher is shown on a Snapchat video taking a student down to the floor of his classroom. But the Mid-Del School District says it was the student who was in the wrong.

A Del City High School parent, who shared the video clip with News 9 Monday, says the students involved were participating in a harmless senior prank. She said the student in the video wore a mask into the classroom and sprayed the teacher with silly string.

“If the teacher didn’t know this was happening, still I think he could have had a different recourse,” the parent said.

Obviously, News 9 aired footage from the Snap Chat video. Check it out: - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

I can see mom's point of view, but the sad, harsh truth is that any “attack”, joke or otherwise, is bound to put a few folks on edge. Clearly. Schools have had to create plans to protect students from what was once unthinkable. It is perfectly reasonable to assume a teacher might react negatively to his classroom being invaded by a masked person with a can of silly string string...

The Mid-Del School District released a statement that reads in part, “An individual wearing a mask and not wearing a school identification badge attempted to gain entry to a classroom full of students. We take all threats seriously.”

The district has said the student will be punished, but isn't mom going on the news and showing video of you get your ass kicked by a teacher punishment enough? A Snapchat that I’m sure that senior would prefer never see the light of day is now plastered across the internets. A man at least twice his age put a knee to his thigh and jiu jitsued him to the floor. With public shaming being a particularly effective form of social justice, the point has probably been made to that student: Pranks almost never work. Do a dumb, receive a close and personal education as to what the floor smells like.

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