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7 Adoptable Pups Enjoying the Fassler Hall Patio

1:35 PM EDT on May 7, 2019

The weekend before last, we co-hosted an adoption event on Fassler Hall's wonderful dog-friendly patio with our friends from the Bella Foundation. Although we were able to find homes for many of the dogs at the event, some are still patiently waiting to for a new family to cuddle, play and paw at whenever they want a treat.

Because we love dogs at The Lost Ogle, we'd like to introduce to seven of them. If you want to welcome one into your family, just contact the Bella Foundation and complete an application. Also, big thanks to Drew Edington for the photography.

1. Raz

Raz is an active, adult Jack Russell Terrier who is great with kids and adults with sophomoric senses of humor. She is about six years old and weighs 15 pounds. This little firecracker likes to go for walks; enjoys adventures; and loves to hang out on top of the couch or curl up next to you for snuggles. If you would like to meet Raz, fill out an application, and the Bella staff will arrange it.


2. Moo

Moo is a plucky little American Pit Bull Terrier pup who is full of attitude and needs an active family. She bonds very closely with her humans and showers them with kisses and love. Moo—presumably named for the color of her coat and love of sunshine—likes naps in your lap, cream cheese, empty paper towel rolls and wrestling with her foster sisters. If you would like to meet her, fill out an application and the Bella staff will be in touch.


3. Crosby

Crosby is a young, Shepherd mix who will grow to be anywhere between 30 and 60 pounds. Her favorite activities including drinking beer and playing cornhole on the patio. Crosby is spayed (and is obviously a real ham for the camera)! If you would like to add an active, loyal companion to your family, take the first step by completing the application.


4. Molly D.

Molly D.—absolutely zero relation to Pauly D.—is a 35-pound, two-year-old pit mix with the wrinkliest butt in town! Her favorite things include bones, people, puppies and treats. Molly D. most loves to curl up on the couch with a large bone and just chill. She is very smart and a quick-learner. If you would like to meet this gentle, people-pleasing girl, fill out an application, and Bella will be in touch.


5. Elric

Elric is a one-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix who is super smart, fun and playful. He loves to romp, play and—from the looks of it—sing karaoke. When he's done exhausting his energy, he'll take a nice, long nap right next to you. Elric is a true gentlemen; good with other dogs and great with kids. If you're ready to meet this big ol' puppy, complete the application, and Bella staff will make it happen.


6. Marley

Marley is a housebroken, five-year-old mixed breed who had a pretty rough life before Bella. His favorite thing in the whole world is cuddling—especially while watching a movie. Marley is gentle, affectionate and loves kids. He's not a big fan of crates, loud noises or yelling, because it reminds him of the old days (and not in a good way). If you've got a lot of love to give, hit up the application, and Bella will arrange for you and Marley to meet.


7. Apollo Creed

Apollo is an adult Shepherd mix who loves toys, treats, bones and boxing. Actually, I think he recently gave up boxing. Anyway, he likes to play with humans—including little humans—but also enjoys just relaxing by himself and chewing on his toys. Apollo's favorite thing is sitting on the couch with a blanket, getting his belly rubbed. I think this dog may be my Spirit Animal. If Apollo sounds like the perfect pal for you, fill out the application, and Bella will make the introduction.


Once again, if you're interested in adopting any of these seven dogs, contact Bella Foundation today. Adopt a dog. They are awesome.

* Fassler Hall is proud TLO advertiser.

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