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Ogle Madness XII: North Region, Second Round

12:56 PM EDT on March 26, 2019

Come one, come all! Here we are at the final section of the second round. Choose wisely, choose well, and choose the one which makes you skin crawl less. By pride or by prudence, vote until you can't vote any longer.

(1) Emily Sutton vs (8) THC
(4) Olivia Munn vs (5) Kendra Horn
(3) Kyler Murray vs (11) Meg Alexander
(2) Steven Adams vs (7) Louie's Girls 

Vote after the line!

(1) Emily Sutton

Round One: Defeated (16) Dippin Dots CEO 546-56

Who: Oklahoma’s most approachable meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Koalas and climate change knowledge

Biggest Weakness: Firemen



(8) THC

Round One: Defeated (9) CBD 372-211

Who: The “dank” in “that dank kush.”

Biggest Strength: The state finally getting with the program

Biggest Weakness: Ignorant people fearing reefer madness


(4) Olivia Munn

Round One: Defeated (13) Rit Mathis 510-86

Who: Hollywood actress who broke out of Oklahoma City

Biggest Strength: A hot, cosplaying nerd

Biggest Weakness: She isn’t my wife

(5) Kendra Horn

Round One: Defeated (12) Gary England 402-193

Who: A blue beacon in a sea of red

Biggest Strength: Giving Democrats hope that a vote does count

Biggest Weakness: That same hope being dashed when Republicans don’t give a shit


(3) Kyler Murray

Round One: Defeated (14) Scooters 371-150

Who: Heisman Trophy winning quarterback

Biggest Strength: Football (and baseball)

Biggest Weakness: Attends a school that only cares about how well he can play a sport

(11) Meg Alexander

Round One: Defeated (6) David Payne 343-178

Who: Former Channel 25 host

Biggest Strength: Hilarious on-screen appearance

Biggest Weakness: Words



(2) Steven Adams

First Round: Defeated (15) Sam Anderson 463-70

Who: Center for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Fun charisma

Biggest Weakness: Known to play dirty sometimes


(7) Louie's Girls

Round One: Defeated (10) Airco Brahs 378-140

Who: Beautiful, bosomy babes in local TV commercials

Biggest Strength: Making Louie’s look appealing

Biggest Weakness: Most likely won’t see them at an actual Louie’s


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