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Ogle Madness: North Region, Upper Bracket

Today is the final day of the first round of Ogle Madness! This region is filled with feel good shit, odd people, and Oklahoma meh-mories.

Here are the Friday matchups:

(1) Emily Sutton vs. (16) Dippin Dots CEO
(8) THC vs (9) CBD
(4) Olivia Munn vs (13) Rit Mathis
(5) Kendra Horn vs (12) Gary England

Crazy competition, stupid decisions and your vote-this is what matters today. Vote! Vote now!

Vote after the jump!

(1) Emily Sutton

Who: Oklahoma's most approachable meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Koalas and climate change knowledge

Biggest Weakness: Firemen


(16) Dippin' Dots CEO

Who: A Born on Third Base Oklahoma Success Story

Biggest Strength: Using his private jet to seduce severe weather babes

Biggest Weakness: DUI's in retirement communities



(8) THC

Who: The "dank" in "that dank kush."

Biggest Strength: The state finally getting with the program

Biggest Weakness: Ignorant people fearing reefer madness



(9) CBD

Who: The other side of cannabis

Biggest Strength: Can prevent seizures for some patients

Biggest Weakness: More CBD locations than McDonald's



(4) Olivia Munn

Who: Hollywood actress who broke out of Oklahoma City

Biggest Strength: A hot, cosplaying nerd

Biggest Weakness: She isn't my wife


(13) Rit Mathis

Who: Obligatory Mathis member

Biggest Strength: Using a family name to sell furniture

Biggest Weakness: Acting



(5) Kendra Horn vs (12) Gary England

Who: A blue beacon in a sea of red

Biggest Strength: Giving Democrats hope that a vote does count

Biggest Weakness: That same hope being dashed when Republicans don't give a shit



(12) Gary England

Who: Trusted Oklahoma God of weather

Biggest Strength: Able to control weather

Biggest Weakness: Somehow is anti-climate change


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