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Ogle Madness: North Region, Lower Bracket

1:01 PM EDT on March 21, 2019

After three and half days of voting, we're down to the final slate of matchups from the first round of Ogle Madness. Get your votes in before round begins on Monday!

(6) David Payne vs. (11) Meg Alexander
(3) Kyler Murray vs (14) Scooters
(7) Louie's Girls vs (10) Airco Brahs
(2) Steven Adams vs (15) Sam Anderson

Oklahoma affairs meet controversial topics for whiskey shots and regretful decisions. Vote below and see who will win!

Vote after the jump!

(6) David Payne

Who: Oklahoma's weatherman step-dad

Biggest Strength: Blocking people on Twitter

Biggest Weakness: Predicting weather with corny jokes

(11) Meg Alexander

Who: Former Channel 25 host

Biggest Strength: Hilarious on-screen appearance

Biggest Weakness: Words



(3) Kyler Murray

Who: Heisman Trophy winning quarterback

Biggest Strength: Football (and baseball)

Biggest Weakness: Attends a school that only cares about how well he can play a sport


(14) Scooters

Who: Motorized invaders

Biggest Strength: Communal transportation

Biggest Weakness: Looking like a trendy tool while riding



(7) Louie's Girls

Who: Beautiful, bosomy babes in local TV commercials

Biggest Strength: Making Louie's look appealing

Biggest Weakness: Most likely won't see them at an actual Louie's


(10) Airco Brahs

Who: Handymen who loves a good brewski

Biggest Strength: Utility repair

Biggest Weakness: Most likely to attempt to sleep with your sister



(2) Steven Adams vs (15) Sam Anderson

Who: Center for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Fun charisma

Biggest Weakness: Known to play dirty sometimes


(15) Sam Anderson

Who: Author of Boom Town

Biggest Strength: Writing about Oklahoma City

Biggest Weakness: Has nightmares about Jack's Mule


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