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Joleen Chaney went to the NFL Honors…

It's hard to believe, but it's been over one year since KFOR's Linda Cavanaugh passed a crown she acquired on Trash or Treasure to Joleen Chaney.

Although I don't think I've watched more than 10-minutes of Channel 4 since I cut the cord a last year, I think it's safe to say Joleen has done a great job as the new KFOR matriarch. She has to be, right? Why else would KFOR management let her get all vixened up and go to something called the NFL Honors?

Wow. It looks like JoJo doesn't hold back when attending big red carpet events! I guess we should invite her to trivia night sometime! Also, it looks like I have a new picture to use when it comes time to update the slide show for Little Bit of JoJo! Remember that classic?

Outside of the restraining orders it likely inspired, the scariest part of that song has to be how catchy it is.

Anyway, I guess Joleen scored the NFL Honor invite through her old pal Tiffany Blackmon. She was the back-up sports anchor on KFOR earlier this decade and is now a reporter for the NFL Network. She joins Dari Noka, Chris Harrison and Liam McHugh – who is the new Bob Costas for NBC Sports – and many other former back-up sports anchors who have achieved career success since fleeing Oklahoma.

Let's hope Tiffany didn't plant any relocation seeds in JoJo's ear.

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