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Racism makes surprise public return visit to OU campus!

After a few years of hiding in the underground where the Oklahoma ruling class prefers it to stay, blatant and obvious racism made a public return to the University of Oklahoma over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday with the surprise release of a Snapchat video showing a white racist sorority girl giggling around in black face and proclaiming... well... here's the video just in case you haven't seen it:

Wow. All racists are idiots, but these girls really are racist idiots. How stupid and ignorant do you have to be in today's day and age to film a video of you or a friend wearing blackface and dropping N-bombs, and then post it on social media? Even David Duke would say that's a bad idea! They're supposed to keep that stuff hidden under red MAGA hats where it belongs.

Naturally and deservingly, the video made the local and national media outrage rounds. It also generated PR disaster kit responses from the institutions the two racist girls represented – The Tri Delta sorority and University of Oklahoma.

Tri Delta immediately apologized and kicked one of the racist girls out of the sorority, providing a stern warning to other racists in the OU Greek System that racism will not be tolerated if you are caught on camera saying (or singing) racist stuff.

In a letter to students, OU President James Gallogly acknowledged that although the students have the "freedom of expression" to be racist idiots, they have offered to apologize and "reflect their regret." Check this out:

Lots and lots and lots of people are mad that Gallogly didn't go the David Boren route and (possibly) over-extend his authority and suspend the girl who dropped the N-bomb. I totally understand the outrage and don't necessarily disagree. That being said, aren't you doing the girl  – and her family tradition of deeply rooted and indoctrinated racism – a favor by expelling her? She should be allowed to return to school and deal with the fallout of being an outed racist who prances around in blackface, or simply withdraw on her own, go into temporary hiding, and then start over at a new school where her racism will remain hidden and tolerated.

Anyway, OU's scheduled a press conference for 1:30pm where they will discuss the video in further detail. I assume they'll say all the right things, and then a few days later the girl will appear at a press conference with leaders of the African American community and issue a formal apology. Then the issue will slowly fade out of the public and media eye, and racism will go back into the OU underground until it makes another viral video appearance in a couple of years. Sadly, that seems to be how things work around here.


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