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Oklahoma State Rep Switches Teams…

12:48 PM EST on December 10, 2018

Massive congressional upsets aside, it looks like the only wave to hit Oklahoma this year was filled with blue algae.

In addition to losing every statewide race, Oklahoma Democrats also lost seats in the legislature, including former House Minority Leader Steve Kouplen, who was upset by some random dude who literally didn't run a campaign.

To make matters worse, Democrats recently lost another seat when State Representative Johnny Tadlock – a middling State Rep with a trailer park mustache from the bright red heart of Derplahoma – announced his bi-curiosity got the best of him and he's now officially switching teams.


A state representative for Leflore and McCurtain counties has decided to change parties ahead of the upcoming legislative session.

On Thursday, News 4 learned that Rep. Johnny Tadlock was switching his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

“Whether the legislator from House District 1 is a Republican or a Democrat, the Democratic Caucus is going to continue to fight for legislation that benefits towns like Broken Bow and Idabel,” Minority Leader Emily Virgin said. “For the last decade, Republican policies from healthcare to education have been devastating to rural Oklahoma so while we don’t understand Rep. Tadlock’s decision, we wish him the best of luck.”

Emily Virgin doesn't understand the decision? If that's true, State Democrats may be in worse shape than we thought.

The reason Tadlock switched teams is simple to understand – self-preservation. The number one goal of any politician is to either A) get reelected or B) get setup for a cushy government or private industry job when they leave office. Tadlock will have a much easier time accomplishing those goals with a big 'R' next to his name instead of a toxic 'D.'

Despite that being the simple and obvious truth, Tadlock tried to justify his flip-flopping position as doing what's best for the people...

“This to me is not at all about party affiliation,” said Tadlock, from Idabel. “This is about representing the people who live in my district to the best of my ability and making sure their voice is heard at the state Capitol. To do this, I feel I would have better success in the majority party. I have not changed my beliefs. As a Democrat, I was endorsed by the National Rifle Association. I have always been pro-life. I have cared about safe and decent roads and bridges, public safety, free and fair public education and health care that reaches those in the rural communities. These are still the issues with which I will be concerned.”

Yeah, that's it. He lied to voters and switched parties and platforms after being elected so he could help his constituents get their voices heard. He'll definitely be the megaphone for decent bridges and fair education.

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