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Canadian County GOP Chair wants to “abolish” public education in Oklahoma…

12:35 PM EST on November 27, 2018


The guy who looks like he just learned how to read good is Canadian County GOP Chair Andrew Lopez.

He's a Derplahoman from the western fringe of the metro who likes to sing and play guitar, sell junk on Facebook and craft bizarre letters to Oklahoma lawmakers calling for them to, amongst other things, abolish public education, property taxes and government sanctioned infanticide.

Check out this draft(?) of a letter that made the social media rounds over the Thanksgiving holiday. It's low-rez and pixelated, so you may need to zoom in 300% or so to fully appreciate the moments of right-wing Oklahoma lunacy...

That's sweet. What makes America great is that a guy who was probably homeschooled and spends his afternoons selling old TVs (with antennas) on Facebook can rise through the local politico ranks and become a conservative thought-leader on taxation, public policy and private property rights. Kevin Stitt should name him to his "outsider" cabinet immediately.

I think my favorite part of his letter is how he suggests we fund public education through advertising.

"Hi Timmy. Where do you go to school?"

"David Stanley Chrysler Dodge Elementary School."

"Who's your teacher?"

"Bob Mills."

Although the current chair of the Oklahoma GOP, Pam Pollard, once mused on Facebook about an ideal society where public education is abolished in favor of bible study, the letter ruffled feathers on both sides of the political aisle. Oklahoma Republicans have worked hard over the past year to make voters think they at least kind of care about education, so the last thing they want is some Derplahoman redneck wacko who likes the idea of state sovereignty to screw things up.

As a result, Lopez stopped practicing for Yukon's Got Talent and released this toned down revised letter. He's encouraging his fellow Derplahomans to sign it.

Okay, that's a little bit better. It's still crazy, but just tolerable enough to let Lopez and his right-wing extremist views go back to flying under the radar where they can properly grow, fester and do even more damage down the road. Way to go, GOP!

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