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OU advises students to not wear dumb costumes. College Republicans protest.

8:12 AM EDT on October 31, 2018

Because we live in an ultra-sensitive, politically correct age that's filled with all types of people who are ready to be offended at a moment's notice, the OU Office of University Community recently issued a memo warning students to be safe this Halloween and think twice before dressing up as anything stupid or offensive.

Check it out:

Question – is it still okay for women to wear sexy witch costumes? I know the memo basically says that if you have to ask, it's probably not okay, but I think we can all agree that taking the sexy out of Halloween takes things too far.

Naturally, the email outraged a certain organization on campus – The OU College Republicans. They trashed the memo and claimed it came "Dangerously close" to violating their first-amendment right to be assholes and wear whatever they want for Halloween.

Check it out:

Really? Dangerously close to violating first amendment rights? That's the overstatement of the year. I'm sure whoever wrote that considers holding hands "dangerously close" to losing virginity.

That being said, these kids are good Republicans. That message had everything you look for in an Oklahoma GOP social media rant – a general misunderstanding of the issue, use of ALL-CAPS for emphasis and a racism denial. They even were able to sneak in a polarizing dig on "liberal" OU at the end! Once these students fully learn to master the art of hypocrisy, they'll make great GOP leaders someday!

h/t OU Daily

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