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Uh oh. Channel 5 has a campaign ad “Truth Checker,” too.

9:52 AM EDT on October 30, 2018

Last night, I was snooping around the Channel 5 website and saw this article staring at me:

Wait a second. Isn't Kendra Horn running against Steve Russell? Why does the headline mention James Lankford? What does Senator Skeletor have to do with this?

I then watched the video and...

Yeah, KOCO used the wrong Oklahoma politician's name in the headline. As a result, the TLO Truthy Team gives that headline a "False."

Anyway, whether the ad came from Kendra Horn, Kevin Stitt or Joe Exotic, negative campaign ads – like most commercials you see on TV news – are inherently misleading. They stretch the truth, take information out of context and are supported by dubious sources like "Wallet Hub."

As a result, if local TV news really wanted to check the facts, they would say something like this.

"All the negative campaign ads you see on TV are bullshit. They're filled with out-of-context spin and half-truths. Don't believe them or let them influence how you vote. Also, did you know we make a shitload of money by airing them? And that concludes this edition of Truth Check."

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