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OU law professor doesn’t like women wearing pants…

The James Bond villain wannabe in the image above is Brian McCall. He's an OU law professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the law school. It's an important administrative position.

Over the past month, McCall has been the focus of a social justice investigation by the OU Daily. It's revealed that McCall has collaborated with various anti-Semitic hate groups, and is also a homophobic misogynist who believes a woman's place is in the home spitting out babies and knitting jean dresses out of respect for men. I guess that explains why he's chosen to live and work in Oklahoma – a like-minded place where a lot of people share those same views.

Here are the details via the OU Daily:

An OU law professor and associate dean wrote in a 2014 book that women should not wear pants and gay marriage is “insanity,” among other controversial views. Though his faculty member status is protected under academic freedom, an expert said his administrative position may not be.

Brian McCall, an OU law professor, associate dean for academic affairs and associate director of the OU Law Center, is editor of Catholic Family News and has also contributed to The Remnant newspaper and the International Fatima Rosary Crusade. The Southern Poverty Law Center has classified these organizations as anti-Semitic hate groups…

McCall’s 2014 book “To Build the City of God: Living as Catholics in a Secular Age,” was published about a month after McCall was appointed to associate dean for academic affairs. The book contains McCall’s views regarding parts of his traditionalist Catholic beliefs about gender roles, same-sex marriage, education, politics and economics.

In a chapter of the book called “Modest Contact With the World: Women In Pants and Similar Frauds,” McCall stated that women are obligated to hide their natural curvature by wearing skirts. “Women must veil their form to obscure its contours out of charity towards men,” McCall wrote in the chapter. “To know that women in pants have this effect on men and to wear them is thus a sin against charity as well as modesty.”

Wow. What a nut job. I bet he and John Scamehorn are already hard at work collaborating on a dystopian future screenplay where young attractive Jewish women rebel against a peaceful and prosperous male-dominated society for the rights to wear yoga pants. They can call it Pax Lululemonna.

Here's more:

McCall wrote that no woman or girl in his family is allowed, nor desires, to wear pants. Research provides evidence that pants on women draw a man’s eye to her “creative sanctuary,” he stated, and skirts better encapsulate the “modest restraint” that all women should have.

“... if there is something really impossible to do in a skirt, does this not indicate this is an activity inappropriate for a woman to perform?” McCall wrote. “A simple test of modest and feminine behavior can be summarized: if you can’t do it modestly and gracefully in a skirt, you shouldn’t do it at all.”

Geeze. Remember the good old days when a female student could wear a push up bra and flirt with the professor to get an A? Now they have to wear red handmaiden gowns and not make eye contact just to get a C!!!

Seriously, though, how can a guy with views like that have a job teaching and educating women at a public university? OU should start asking new students which brand of misogyny the prefer before they enroll: the puritanical college professor who preaches "thou must veil your form with jean dresses out of charity towards men," or the laid back hip professor who brags that his favorite students are the ones “he’d like to fuck."

McCall wrote in the chapter “Authority In the Household: With All My Worldly Goods I Thee Endow” that women’s entering the workforce has lowered the price for labor and has hurt families financially. He calls a woman’s leaving the home to work “another false promise of the devil come to pass.”

The chapter also states that it is a man’s duty to vote, not a woman’s, though the man may take her beliefs into consideration when casting his vote.

In the chapter “Marriage — It’s Natural: Natural Law Arguments in Defense Of Marriage,” McCall wrote that marriage’s first goal is procreation and that same-sex marriage is “insanity.”

This guy should really consider running for public office. Oklahoma voters would elect him quicker than Ralph Shortey can make his a cellmate a sandwich!

Anyway, you can read the rest of the story over at the OU Daily. According to their report, McCall has the "academic freedom" to have draconian, offensive views on women and women's fashion, but he may be in jeopardy of losing his.... uh... deanship? If so, I hope they replace him with a woman wearing pants.

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