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Achille Police Department gives Nazi skinhead cop a second chance…

1:48 PM EDT on September 18, 2018

Here's a heartwarming story for all the racist bigots out there.

Just weeks after they ran a transgendered girl out-of-town because she wanted to use the bathroom, the citizens of Achille, Oklahoma welcomed former Colbert police chief Bart Alsbrook as a reserve policeman. You may remember him as the "ex" skinhead-gang-member-turned-cop who used to run a white nationalist music and memorabilia website as a side gig, and then lied about it when questioned by the media.

Here are details via KXII:

Achille police chief Christopher Watson says he knew about Bart Alsbrook's connections to white supremacist groups, but still hired him to be a reserve officer in the police department.

"In the two years that I have known him, he has done nothing but contribute," said Watson.

Last August Alsbrook was named interim Police Chief in Colbert. He resigned a week later, after eventually admitting his past ties to neo Nazi organizations...

Outside of lying about his connections to Nazis, skinheads and other white nationalist groups, is it okay to ask what exactly he contributed, too? Did he dee-jay the local klan rally, or bring stars and bars themed cookies to the local white nationalist cookout?

"Everyone has a past, some of which they may not be proud of, of which he is not. He wishes he never had those connections," said Watson.

Watson says the Achille police department has zero tolerance for racism.

"None. None, because that is an ignorant way of thinking. So there would be no tolerance of that."

Know what else is an ignorant way of thinking? Claiming you have zero tolerance for racism and then hiring someone who admits he was (or is) a white nationalist to be a reserve police officer. Maybe it's time for Achille police chief Christopher Watson to abide by the sign he has taped to his office wall and find a new job, or better yet, just take the sign down. Achille seems like the perfect place for stupid people to thrive.


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