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Trump endorses Bull Stitt…

We have a new anointed one in Oklahoma politics!

Yesterday afternoon, President Donald J. Trump – a kind, decent man who wants nothing but the best for America, its people and military, and will do whatever it takes to make this once proud country great again, even if it results in a civil war – endorsed Republican Kevin Stitt for Governor.

You can check out the tweet below. Now excuse me while I go barf:

Kevin Stitt is strong on borders?! That's great. Maybe he'll build a wall between us and Arkansas, and make them pay for it.

Obviously, Stitt ate up the President's endorsement. Here's his reply:

What an honor, huh? Trump is really going out on a limb by endorsing Kevin Stitt – a wealthy, conservative Republican businessman from Oklahoma with no government or voting experience – to be the next governor. Maybe he and Kevin can hit the town and grab pussy when Trump comes out to campaign.

Trump's tweet got the obligatory overreaction from the media. Some think Trump's endorsement officially ends the Oklahoma gubernatorial election before it begins, but I'm not 100% sure. Although I'd still bet on any Republican to win any statewide race in Oklahoma, I think Drew Edmondson still has a fighting chance.

First of all, it's not like the endorsement changes anything. I'm pretty sure Trump voters were going to support Stitt either way. Second, Trump's approval rating in Oklahoma is only 55%. According to Morning Consult, 41% of Oklahoma voters disapprove of the president. Something tells me more of that 41% will show up in November than the 55%.

Anyway, it's going to be fun to watch all this and see how it plays out. Will Trump come out to campaign for Kevin in October or November? I hope so, because Trump events are always fun to cover in a dystopian, fall of society type of way. Plus, I need more affirmation on the size of my hands...

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