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7 local businesses that tried to defeat SQ 788…

Yesterday afternoon, The Frontier published a breakdown of the $1.3-million the Oklahoma Ruling Class spent on a lie-filled, "Reefer Madness" style campaign to defeat State Question 788. Remember it?

According to the Frontier, the campaign was organized by local Chamber of Commerce groups who, for some reason, are opposed to the legalization of a billion-dollar wholesale and retail industry that will create thousands of new jobs, help stimulate our state's economy and prevent non-violent drug offenders from going to jail.

The money for the campaign primarily came from the Oil Overlords. They dug through the seat cushions at Vast to provide a half-million dollars in funding. Although they knew the money was being wasted on a losing cause, they played along because:

A) They wanted to show some goodwill and support to their conservative allies in the healthcare and law enforcement communities

B) They wanted to give a big "Fuck You" to liberals, libertarians and other intelligent people who helped defeat Step Up Oklahoma and raise the GPT to 5%.

C) They're assholes.

The rest of the support came from a hodgepodge collective of medical associations, law enforcement groups, banks, and other local business that have no problem selling things like furniture, cars and gasoline to pot smokers, but still want to keep marijuana illegal. This includes several notable local businesses that you may support, like...

1. Bob Mills Furniture– $5,000

So much for being the "working man's friend."

Bob Mills – a guy who liked to fly way up high in a hot air balloon – dropped $5,000 in an effort to stop medical marijuana. I guess remember this the next time you need a Flexsteel recliner for your couchlock.


2. Reynolds Ford – $1,000

That's weird. I always assumed the "dumb" guy in all those awful and tired Reynolds Ford commercials was splaying a stoner stereotype to pander to potheads. Shows what I know. I guess he's just a regular idiot.


3. Love's – $25,000

Love's has no problem taking a stoner's cash to buy things like sandwiches, chips and Dolly Parton's greatest hits CDs, but then they drop $25,000 to keep medical marijuana illegal. Hypocrites. Maybe they should have invested that money into something more productive, like clean bathrooms at their travel stops.


4. Bob Howard – $50,000

The next time you're looking to be screwed on a high pressure auto-purchase, please consider that Bob Howard spent $50,000 to prevent veterans from accessing high-THC marijuana to treat PTSD. Meanwhile, Rob Stanley is opening a hemp farm.


5. First Fidelity Bank – $500

Why would a bank care whether or not medical marijuana is legal? Oh wait, I forgot. The Chairman of the Board is one of Mary Fallin's biggest supporters, and was even with her the day she got engaged at The Playboy Mansion.


6. Ideal Homes – $1,000

In all fairness, I think most illegal indoor marijuana grow operations currently take place inside an Ideal Home. Unless you enjoy living in an assembly line built home located on the outskirts of town, that's the only reason to buy one.


7. Cox Communications – $25,000

If you're opening a medical marijuana dispensary, commercial grow operation or even a local weed review website and need high speed internet, a security system, phone service or any other IT-related need or service, please keep in mind that Cox Communications – your friend in the digital age – spent $25,000 to try and keep medical marijuana illegal in Oklahoma.


You can check out the full list of donors at The Frontier's website.

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