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Lacey Swope is returning to Channel 9!

11:11 AM EDT on July 25, 2018

Well, I guess Lacey Swope got tired of spending more time with family and friends.

Approximately one year after a much hyped and dramatized "return home" to News on 6 in Green Country, we have learned via The Ogle Mole Network that Ogle Madness VII Champion Lacey Swope – one of Gary England's original severe weather babes – is returning to KWTV News 9's morning show starting August 8th.

In very related news, meteorologist Robyn King – the slender wildling who replaced Lacey last summer – is no longer with the "Spirit of Oklahoma." She's disappeared from News 9 like a flock of storm chasers riding off into the horizon.

Here's an email that News 9 apparently sent to employees informing them of Lacey's return:

Good afternoon, I’ve got some very exciting news to share: I’m pleased to announce Lacey Swope will return to News 9!

Lacey moved to Tulsa a year ago to live closer to family and her hometown. She formed a strong bond with the News on 6 team and KOTV viewers.

But over time, Lacey and her husband, Tyler, discovered how deep their roots had grown in Oklahoma City. They realized they could have quality time with family in eastern Oklahoma, while living here -- the place that had ultimately become “home” for them.

Lacey missed us and it became clear: our viewers missed her. We’re thrilled to welcome Lacey back to News 9 This Morning. She loves the early morning hours.

Yeah, that's right. Lacey Swope – a college-educated meteorologist who spends every morning standing in front of Oklahoma weather maps – didn't realize you can live in Oklahoma City and still spend quality time with friends and family who live 100 miles away in Tulsa. If you believe that, I have some great swampland located outside Little Sahara that I'd like to sell you.

All corporate spin and bullshit aside, the real reason Lacey is in and Robyn is out is simple – ratings. According to some Moles, News 9's morning show ratings have fallen like golfball sized hail since Lacey went to Tulsa. That, coupled with Robyn's inability to connect with Oklahomans through Bass Pro selfies, led to the short-lived Lacey in Tulsa experiment.

Here's more:

Lacey rejoins our team as the 5am meteorologist. Like before, she’ll have a presence in the 6am newscast and during severe weather coverage.

Lacey’s last day at KOTV is August 1. Her first day on the air in OKC is August 8 – but please don’t ruin the surprise.

Do not post anything on social media, mention in shows or distribute externally until August 8th when we officially welcome her on air. There will be much more to come!

Oops! I guess I should formally apologize to News 9 for ruining the surprise! In all fairness, TLO is an online tabloid now, so we're basically just doing our job.

News 9 also sent a note to employees regarding Robyn King:

"Please note that Robyn King is no longer with us. We are appreciative of Robyn’s contributions to Griffin Communications and wish her the best in her future endeavors."

I'd say this probably summarizes Robyn's mood at the moment:

Seriously, though, Robyn was put in a tough spot. It's hard to follow a legend / Ogle Madness champion and, for some reason, she never seemed fully comfortable in her role at News 9. We wish her the best looking at radar in a different market.

Anyway, I guess it will be cool to have Lacey back on OKC television screens and Facebook newsfeeds. I hope she and Emily Sutton resume their simmering feud and rivalry that I kind of made up. It will be interesting to see who has to most popular fishing contest.

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