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New OU President cleans house…

You can take the man out of the oil company, but you can't take the oil company out of the man.

To celebrate his first day as president of the University of Oklahoma, former oil industry executive Jim Gallogly flexed his Canadian muscle and politely "reorganized" his staff by removing many of David Boren's top lieutenants from key leadership positions.


Jim Gallogly spent his first morning as University of Oklahoma president streamlining the senior staff.

OU announced cuts to the executive staff and a reorganization just after noon. The plan reduces the number of executives who report to Gallogly from 25 to 17, nearly one-third. The executive staff includes all leaders at the Norman, Tulsa and Health Sciences campuses.

Among the executives who were let go are Nick Hathaway, vice president for administration and finance. That position was eliminated. Also gone are Chris Kuwitzky, chief financial officer, and Clive Mander, chief audit executive.

That's kind of brutal, but on a positive note, those employees now get extra time off for the 4th of July! Grab a Corona and lime and get them to a pool immediately!

Speaking of the 4th of July, that's tomorrow. As a result, I think I'm going to mail this one in and go have a beer. We'll have more on this crimson bloodletting, and other issues, when we return to full strength next week.

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