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Uh oh, Dean Blevins is reporting that Paul George is staying in OKC


It was nice knowing you, Paul George. Have fun in California!

A couple of days ago, News 9's Dean Blevins "reported" that some "agents" are saying that Paul George "allegedly" wants to stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The tip came from the same group of "agents" who told Dean that Kevin Durant was going to re-sign with OKC in 2016.

Here's video of Dean's "report"...

That's great! You know it's a solid story worth reporting when you have to follow your "scoop" with an immediate disclaimer that your sources are unreliable and you may be wrong. Give this man a Heartland Emmy immediately!

Knowing Dean's history with big sports scoops, this report has to worry some Thunder fans – especially those who foolishly bought Paul George jerseys back in October. You may see those available very soon at a garage sale near you.

That being said, I wouldn't lose too much sleep over this report.

First of all, Hookie the Bookie tells me there's a 40% chance Dean is right. Second, I don't think it's the worst thing in the world if Paul George leaves. It may be a blessing in disguise. Sure, PG13 is an All-Star caliber player, but he's 28, just had a surgical procedure on his knee, and has obviously lost some of the speed and explosion that he displayed earlier in his career. He's also had issues with his shooting mechanics. Do you really feel comfortable signing a guy like that to a max longterm contract? Just like trusting any Dean Blevins sports scoop, that feels like it may be a regrettable decision.

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