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Your 2 Rants – OEA Ending the Teachers Walkout

Before we get started, I'd like to offer my deepest, sorry-but-not-sorry apology for TLO's lack of round the clock, "click me! click me!" coverage of the Teachers Walkout. Here are two good excuses:

1. TLO is not a traditional for-profit news site. Although we occasionally break stories, we like to document, digest and recap events from the sidelines. It's our niche and something we do well, but a constantly changing and developing news item like the the Teachers Walkout isn't very conducive to that style. It seems like every time I'd develop an angle or idea for a post, something would come along to change it. Now that things are winding down, we can step in and do our thing.

2. My girlfriend and I will be welcoming our baby Harper to the world sometime in the next 1 - 30 days. I've been working a lot behind the scenes to get this site, and my life, ready for that moment. In addition to that, I turn 40 today. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

With all that going on, I thought it would be fun to pull a page from the Found Ogle's playbook and let our readers provide some easy content for me. Last night, I posted the following question on Twitter for our new "Your 2 Rants" feature:

We got a pretty good stack of replies. Check out some of my favorite responses in our new series "Your 2 Rants."

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